15 Ways to Boost Your Daily Life


By Beverly Terhune

While you may end up getting up earlier to do these suggestions, you will definitely have to change your habits.

1. Read 10 pages of any inspirational book each morning: spiritual books, the bible, self-help books or non-fiction stories. No, not the racing form, or romance novel at this time of day - this is for preparation to do a good job for your employer or your own business today, remember? Are you unemployed? You will need this time more than ever if you are presenting yourself in any form, in words, in person, or on the telephone - one must be prepared. If you cannot read, due to health or educational problems, have someone help you with this.

2. Say a morning prayer each day. Try getting on your knees, this is a plus. Pray to whomever you wish. a Higher Power of your understanding. Note: You are not that Higher Power! Ask for guidance as your day unfolds. Remember to be grateful and thank your Higher Power (Could be the Bingo god) for your good fortune.

3. Prepare for your day, take your vitamins! Start with a good natural multiple vitamin. Make sure it contains iron for extra energy. Cannot take iron, or do not need it? Some multi vitamins do not contain iron; a vegetarian formula like an Eco Green will do just fine. Add other supplements as you educate yourself as to what your body needs and will best benefit from.

4. Lay out a plan for the day. a list of short time goals. This is also a good time to check your calendar to see what is on the agenda for the day. Do everything on the list that you possibly can. Use paper and pen. Just do it!

5. Keep it Simple. Do not forget to relax for 1 hour each day, this does not include lunch. If you make TV your choice, then stick to that one hour! Work on your hobby - but keep in mind the one-hour rule.


I know your first reaction is one of guilt; you do either too much exercise or not enough.
1. Admit the amount of exercise you do and what you tell others may not always be the same.

2. Try fun stuff like walking to the grocery store, convenient store, or clothing outlet. If you do not have any stores within walking distance, try your backyard. Walk in a path or just back and forth but do it for 20 to 30 minutes. Get in the car, drive to a fancy neighborhood and do a park- and - walk. Try to increase your walk each day to 1 hour. an achievable goal.

3. Take the stairs. This can be done at work very effectively and consistently. Use the same stairs everyday, start by doing this for 5 minutes each day, and then increase the time to 20 minutes a day. Note to the women: You may need to change shoes for this one.

4. March in place in front of the TV (here is your chance to get another show in)! Drink plenty of water. This is an effective way to exercise and it is a real money-saver, too.

5. Meet a friend at the mall. Walk around the mall for a half hour or so. Do not - I repeat - do not buy any sugary snacks or drinks. Watch your purchases. Just use the mall’s air conditioning and heating system free of charge!


Financial freedom is a great goal for maintaining a stress-free life.
1. Think positive - Do not say negative things like: ‘I am broke’, or ‘I am sure to end up in the poor house’. Fake it until you make it.

2. Spruce up the resume. I realize jobs are scarce at times but timing is everything. E-mail your resume out every Sunday to prospective leads in the newspaper. If your boss finds out, use this opportunity to ask for a raise. If you are in business for yourself, keep up with the latest marketing and sales events in your field by networking, researching on the internet, and reading.

3. Dress for success. Take baths and keep well groomed. Note for the men: Trim out those hairs from your nose and ears! Are you going to a funeral or social event and have the opportunity to change clothes? Take this opportunity to make an impression on new friends; this will help people remember you in positive ways. Dress a little differently than most people and you will be remembered. General rules: Tuck in, use a napkin. Chew and talk at different times. Practice the good manners you were taught.

4. Stay in the field you are in. Fix yourself up emotionally first, before you go chasing dreams. After you are happy with yourself emotionally then you can pursue a career change. Keep in mind that with every career change, one must explore education, seminars, and extensive training. Make sure to utilize a certain expertise by interviewing managers and owners who are in the same or similar kind of businesses.

5. Listen - Before undertaking any type of meeting, hone up on those listening skills. You will not learn anything new if you are the one doing all the talking.

Does the author do all of these things? Not all of them but most of them. I have practiced them in my daily affairs and have found the ones that serve me best. Practice progress not perfection.

As with any vitamin or supplement, please consult your doctor before taking.

Author Beverly Terhune speaks from 35 years of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and shares her experience, strength & hope on how to lead a healthy, substance-free life.