High Blood Pressure or Hyper Tension, Causes and Remedies


By Mansi Gupta

As I investigate the various diseases or problems that afflict most of the Americans, I find that blood pressure is quite a common problem that has deteriorated the healthy life of many. It is not just the senior citizens but even middle-aged men and women who are troubled by blood pressure. This is because there are several origins to this problem and as life is spontaneously picking pace, people are becoming more and more negligent of their health and fitness.

What is blood pressure?

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It is basically the resistance to the flow of blood by the arteries. The heart pumps the blood with a certain force, which is termed as the systolic blood pressure. The force against the arterial walls when the heart relaxes is known as diastolic blood pressure. The systolic (the natural force with which the blood is pumped by heart) and the diastolic (the arterial resistance or the force needed against arterial walls) are the two parameters to detect the blood pressure.

What Causes Blood Pressure?

There are quite a few reasons that bring about hypertension. Some primary causes are listed below-

  • 1. In many a cases hypertension is genetic. Those parents who suffer from acute blood pressure, in most of the cases their children too sooner or later undergo the same problem.
  • 2. Imbalanced diet largely provokes blood pressure. A diet rich in salty food and excess of fluids increments the amount of fluid in the body. Kidneys at time are not able to pass the extra liquid and sodium by way of urine. The liquid and sodium thus accumulated increments the blood volume and so the blood pressure.
  • 3. High cholesterol level of the body is the cause of thickening of the walls of the arteries. This makes the flow of blood more troublesome and leads to blood pressure.
  • 4. Malfunctioning of the kidney or adrenal gland produce blood pressure.
  • 5. Stress is a big factor behind hypertension.
  • Addiction to alcohol, smoke and other narcotics paves the way for high blood pressure.
  • 6. Tobacco contains nicotine that constricts the arteries along with accelerating the heartbeat of the individual. This increases the pressure of blood in the body.
  • 7. Stress too is threatening for blood pressure patients. It boosts the heart rate of narrows the blood vessels that supply blood to all parts of the boy.

What after blood pressure?

Life is not that easy for those who suffer from blood pressure. Blood pressure can be the cause of many severe problems. Patients� of hypertension are more prone to paralytic attacks, brain hemorrhage, nervousness and heart failure.

What can keep aside the hazards?

Medicines are available to customize the blood pressure at normal levels. These drugs are prescribed by the physician and should be eaten regularly. An escape from the daily dose might land you in trouble. So one should not be careless here. A diet rich in essential nutrients for instance minerals like calcium and potassium is seen to avert the risk of high blood pressure.

Avoid fatty food and addictives. Excess of alcohol, smoke and tobacco are too fatal to be imagined.

Go for regular check ups. If you cannot make to the clinic evenly, get a sphygmomanometer (instrument to check blood pressure) at home and measure the blood pressure in routine.

Avoid going to heights and activities like trekking.

Don�t let stress rule your mind and body.

If you are a patient of hypertension, in case of any other trouble such as excess of urine or feeling of uneasiness etc., consult your doctor before taking any medicine or comprising on your daily dosage.

Managing blood pressure can be easy if you start loving your health and become more judicious and consistent in taking care of it.