How To Fight Depression and Improve your Mood


By Lisa Anderson

Are you one of the millions of peoples who are depressed and tired all the time. Do you experience unbearable sadness and emptiness. Do you feel exhausted, dragged out and run down. You're barely functioning and pushing yourself through the day. These few easy and fun tips make your day more productive and full of happiness.

Sleeplessness, tension and fatigue are often associated with depression. Try to relax everyday for optimal performance. Pick a quiet spot and do this drill. Breathe deeply and observe your breath and focusing all your problems and distraction are vaporizing in the air. Visualize great scenery and feel you are part of it, whether is it mountain area or white sandy beach in Florida.

Try to solve and fight one problem at a time. Do not try to conquer every problem at same time. If you do feel tired, drain, depressed and helpless due to many problems, suggest and train your mind one problem at a time. This way you can effectively focus on one problem at a time.

Read motivational or inspirational books that have positive and inspiring effects on your mind and mood. Self- help books have great impact to fight depression. Inspiring authors like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Aaron Beck father of cognitive therapy has written books on how to change thinking patterns.

Isolation is also one of the major causes of depression. Try to communicate with other positively, show your genuine interest in other people like friends or family and share their thoughts. Human contact is the key to heal this problem. Newly research shows that our behavior shapes our emotions.

Find a good hobby or activity to feel you pleasant. Gardening, bicycling, exercising, cooking or traveling give you a powerful boost to your mood. Crafting is also a very good therapy. Go out and having a good meal with friends. Do involve volunteer work, community services this way you'll feel you are also a important part of the community and it also have therapeutic effects.

Exposure to light is either from the sun or artificial devices such as lamps can also be very helpful to relieve depression and improve your sad mood.

Do not get angry easily. Read self-help books on becoming assertive. Getting angry in positive way can help to boost your energy and also your mood. Let your anger to work positively.

Watch your diet very closely. Eat consciously and try to avoid those foods which may contribute for mood swinging like sugar, chocolate and caffeine. Quit smoking if you can, also reduce drinking habit.

Take your vitamins and nutrients regularly. Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium and L-tyrosine are good anti-depression nutrients. Eat green vegetables, fruits and beans for balance diet.

Yoga and tai chi are very good exercise to fight depression. Slowly moving postures are very calming and soothing effects on your whole body including mind. You will get more relaxed and soother after performing these exercise.

Encourage yourself, do not blame yourself for little mishaps. When you right thing tell yourself "Good Job". Breakup your daily activity pattern. Do something goofy or childish act which remind your childhood days. Draw cartoon with crayons, make bubbles, read children books or watch movie.

Read new research on how to meditate effectively. Newly research show meditation has very positive effects to boost immune system. Meditation also create positive attitude towards everyday problem solving. Meditation always is a very important factor on every religion throughout centuries. Meditate every night for about 15 minutes to 30 minute are very effective tool deal with depression while you become more focused for critical thinking to resolve your daily chores without exhaustion and depressed.

Lisa Anderson, author, coach and speaker. Vast experience in health, self-help, mind body related therapies. Lisa has applied her hi-tech knowledge to the development of several internet businesses.