The Use of Lemon Oil in Aromatherapy


By Cindy Boswell

In our daily life, lemon is very common and often unnoticed by us. But most of us are unaware of its magnificent power in aromatherapy. Yes, in aromatherapy, lemon oil is used as a necessary component. The outer peel of lemon is used to extract lemon oil. Usually, cold pressing method is followed for distilling the oil. Lemon oil is pale yellow to slight green-yellow colored. This oil contains fresh fragrance of lemon. The best lemon oil is produced in Sicily.

Rapid inducement of metabolism and fat burning cells are one of the main functions of lemon oil. It has been scientifically proved that in activating the center of the hippocampus and triggering left brain, lemon oil plays a significant role.

Enlivenment of brain and upliftment of body are an important function of lemon oil as well. Usage of the oil for relieving depression and increasing memorizing power is quite popular. This oil also acts as a physical tonic in stimulating blood circulation and toning the body while reducing weight. In case of refreshing and energizing body and mind, the importance of the oil is simply inescapable.

The antiseptic nature of this oil is the main reason behind the usage of this oil for purifying air, infected area and killing air borne germs. For strengthening body immune system as well as stimulating white blood cell formation, lemon oil is widely recommended. You can use this oil for preventing the diseases like colds, flu etc.

Various skin treatments can be done with this oil as well. For controlling acne, healing oily skin, relieving scalp problems like, seborrhea and dandruff, in aromatherapy, lemon oil is used.

As an essential oil, lemon oil blends well with carrier oils like, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, basil, fennel, tea tree and eucalyptus. But before using the oil, always test a small amount for checking sensitivity and allergic reaction. In case of pregnancy or undergoing some other treatment, consultation with a doctor is necessary. Remember, after applying the oil on skin; do not come to sunlight at least for 3-4 hours. And needless to say, the best result will come in case of using highest quality oils. So, buy lemon oils from some renowned and trustworthy shop.

Significance of lemon oil is inevitable to remain fit and fine. In aromatherapy, this oil is used for healing skin as well as other problems. So, let your body get a holistic touch of nature with lemon oil.

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