7 Secrets of Successful People


By Jayaram V

Summary: This essay is about the seven important qualities of successful people or high achievers which set them apart.

Success in any endeavor requires a combination of factors. In the success of any individual, both extrinsic and intrinsic factors play an important part. Of them, the intrinsic ones are more important because unless a person is endowed with right qualities and abilities, it is difficult to deal successfully with the extrinsic factors that are critical to his or her success or efforts.

What is the secret of success? What distinguishes successful people from others. Are there any secrets which we can learn from them? No one can predict the future or know in advance what may happen. However, it does not mean that we cannot increase the probability of achieving success or reaching our goals. With careful planning and preparation, we can do it. We can also learn the principles of success and practice them if we are determined and motivated to do it.

Despite our knowledge and experience, we cannot overgeneralize the success factors, or suggest a theory or a combination of factors that will equally work for everyone. People have to find their own paths, methods and solutions to achieve success according to their circumstances. Therefore, it is no wonder that successful people come from all backgrounds and with a combination of diverse traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Poverty is certainly a limiting factor in most cases, since it defines a person�s status and identity and limits his or her reach and influence. Those who are born in rich families certainly enjoy many advantages and opportunities to succeed, compared to those who come from poor backgrounds, and do not have enough means to put their thoughts to action.

However, we also see that poor people often defy all odds and achieve supper success, despite their poverty and other limiting factors. Some even go all the way to the top and become leaders in their professions or heads of nations. Whether you come from a poor background or a rich background, and whether you aim to succeed in business or in sports or in some other field, certain qualities are essential to achieve success in life.

The following are seven important secrets of high achievers. Those who possess them have a greater chance of achieving success in their lives.

1. Focus: High achievers are focused. Their minds and thoughts remain fixed on their goals and tasks. Although outwardly they may appear to be busy with routine tasks and daily problems, inwardly they never lose sight of their primary goals or the larger picture of what they want to accomplish. Their dedication and commitment keep them undeterred from pursuing their goals or executing their plans and decisions even when they encounter major obstacles.

2. Discipline: Successful people are disciplined and organized. They are disciplined enough to stick to their goals and plans, invest enough time and energy to equip themselves with whatever that is necessary to succeed in life. Because of that, they are able to build strong and trustworthy relationships, avoid negative and self-destructive habits, keep their minds and bodies in good health, conserve their resources and safeguard their wealth and investments with right measures.

3. Perseverance: Achievers who succeed in life are those who do not easily give up, and who keep trying until they achieve their goals. Successful people are self-motivators and very independent in their thinking and approach so that they are not easily swayed by other�s negativity or discouragement. However, they are also realistic enough to know when to call off a program or project, or how to adapt to changing situations and contingencies by suitably modifying their plans and actions.

4. Attention: Successful people and high achievers pay attention to details, which help them anticipate problems and challenges and deal with them accordingly. They closely monitor their actions and those of others, apart from the changes that take place in the macro environment, to safeguard themselves from possible problems and unexpected turn of events. They also pay close attention to people and their behavior to ensure that they have the support and cooperation of the best of the people.

5. Clarity: Without clarity of thought, it is difficult to achieve success in life. Successful people know clearly what they are, and what they want to achieve in their lives. They bring clarity to their goals and plan. They know their strengths and weaknesses or their opportunities and limitations and plan their lives accordingly. Since they think through things and rely upon their wisdom and discernment, they know how to minimize errors and deal with ambiguity, uncertainty and confusion.

6. Knowledge: Knowledgeable people are not necessarily successful people or achievers. However, certain types of knowledge are essential to achieve success in any field. Successful people may or may not be experts in their professions or pursuits, but they possess enough discernment and acumen to know how to secure right knowledge from right people and put it right use. Their knowledge comes from their observation, experience, learning, expertise, consultation and intuition. Some of them are also pioneers, innovators and leaders in their chosen fields.

7. Openness: If the mind is open, it can foresee things clearly, find more alternatives, possibilities and opportunities in problem situations or in decision making, explore more avenues to pursue goals or accomplish tasks, and remain hopeful and motivated in difficult circumstances. Open-mindedness is also helpful in forging relationships, receiving criticism, and building effective teams. Successful people reap these benefits since they are open-minded and allow information to flow from all sides. They also do not allow their assumptions, prejudices and preconceived notions to interfere with their thinking or decisions.

Successful people are aware of the importance of having the right frame of mind and right personality to succeed in their lives. Therefore, they spend time improving themselves and making themselves fit and capable for the goals they choose and the success they want to achieve. They know that success is the result of hard work, perseverance and clarity in thinking and actions. Most importantly, they are good human beings who want to pay back to the world and society for the help they receive, the life they lead and the success they enjoy.

Author Bio: Jayaram V is Founder President of Hinduwebsite.com and author of 14 books including Think Success and Being the Best. For more information about Jayaram and his works, you may visit the author's website.