You Can Have What You Want


By Sandy Reed

We're all looking for the magic words that will give us what we think we need to live in this world. We look at friends, family, people in the media - famous or otherwise, thinking they have the answers that will lead us to our deliverance, whatever we perceive that to be. All that you've ever wanted, and more, can be found by looking to only one source - the one found inside of you. This is the source whose quiet voice you can hear, if you stop looking outside long enough to be still and listen. It can, and will, point you in the direction of your dreams - the ones you feel deepest in your soul.

It's true that you can't see this source with your physical eyes - but you can see its results. You can't see healing occurring in your body, but you can see when a broken bone heals. From these results, you can see evidence that a source of intelligence, beyond our understanding, exists.

You have personal power which can't be seen, but you can learn to focus on it and use it to bring the results you want to experience into your life - and these results you can see. Here are some steps you can take to begin seeing the results of your own personal power.

1. Practice awareness of what's going on around you and how your thoughts are affecting your life experiences. Do you see more pain and suffering when your thoughts center on worry and fear? Do you see more happiness around you when your thoughts center on love, beauty, and gratitude?

2. Be willing to see things differently. Your perception colors your willingness to see what appears to be real versus what can be real for you. You have the personal power to change your mind about what you want to be real in your life. For example, we are all aware that there is a war going on in the world. But for most of us this war is not present in our physical space right now. Your perceptions about the war may have you focusing and worrying about the possible outcomes. This will only add to the energetic turmoil that's already present in the world. Learn to trust your feelings and quiet, inner voice to guide you to what will bring the most peace and happiness into your life, where you reside physically right now. This will, in turn, add to the energy of peace and happiness in the world around you.

3. You see what you expect, and you expect what you have been moving towards energetically with intention. If you begin to expect great things to happen in your life, great things will begin to appear. Accept no substitute for the essence of the feelings you want to experience. You may need to do inner work to uncover what those feelings are for you. You may need to dig deep inside of your psyche and learn what you truly value the most in life. This is work worth pursuing. The substance of the feelings that will make you happy and fulfilled is much more important than the form you think will produce those feelings. Forms can, and will, change. Your true substance, who you really are, will not change. Be diligent for the feelings you want to experience, but realize that ultimately the form that produces the essence of the feelings you want may be different than what you were expecting.

4. Your life is a series of choices you have made. Right now you're making a choice to be fully present as you consider the ideas in this e-magazine. Each choice you make has an outcome that you will live and grow within. You have a choice of which way you'll go, in the direction of living from love, or from fear about something you perceive to be a problem in your life. For me, that fear was "not enough" financial security to follow my dream of freedom from a traditional corporate job - freedom to choose what I wanted my life to look like. Finally I felt that I had to make the choice for love, or trusting that I would be taken care of, no matter what outside appearances told me. This was a defining moment for me, and I chose to love myself enough to trust what I couldn't see at the time. What choice are you afraid to make? What can you do that will make it easier for you to make the choice for love?

5. Personal Power is connecting to what is true for you, at a soul level, and living that truth in your everyday life. What's real at your soul level may feel irrelevant, when you are in the middle of an experience that must be lived through. What's important is that you live it with awareness of your connection to your Source, which will help you to make the right choices. That's where the good in your life has, and will, originate. If you look back on your life, you'll see the evidence that points you to what will make you happy. All you have to do is be aware, pay attention, take action, and stay focused on only what you want. When you become distracted from your goal by negative self-talk that says, "You can't", or "You shouldn't", cancel those thoughts immediately, release them and look to what is true for you.

The bottom line is that you are in charge of your thoughts and emotions, and you can have what you want, when you are aware of, and have faith in, the intelligence of your Source and Universal Principles.

Sandy Reed is a Certified Life Coach, who provides personal coaching, teleclasses, tools and resources designed to assist entrepreneurs, and women in the telecommunications industry, to live from their personal power. She publishes a bi-monthly e-magazine, "Find Your Power, Love Your Life...".