Chase your Fears By Facing Them


By Jayaram V

Most fears are imagined or anticipated. People tend to exaggerate their fears and suffer more than necessary. Fears are good for survival. They keep you safe.

However, fears can also paralyze you and make you defensive or prevent you from achieving your goals or actualizing your talents and skills.

One of the most common fears is the fear of rejection. It is part of the fear of failure. Many people do not venture to ask for help or support because of it. They do not lead a life they deserve because of it, and settle for less.

How can you deal with such common fears? One of the natural responses in the face of fear is flight or escape. People try to escape from fear producing situations or try to avoid them by all means.

This is not an effective strategy, except in grave situations when one�s life is threatened or the odds are heavily staked against taking any action. It prevents people from being effective or taking control of their lives, problems or situations.

The effective way to deal with your fears is to chase them or follow them. Do what you fear or face the situation which is causing the fear. In most cases you will realize that your fears were exaggerated or not as serious or threatening as you feared or imagined.

Go after your fears. Pursue them. Instead of being the hunted or the haunted, hunt them down. See what happens. Treat them as myths that need to be be dispelled or proven false. This is one of the best strategies to overcome your common fears in daily life. If you are afraid of something, just try doing it. Face your fears or follow them with commonsense strategies and approaches.