Symptoms From Low Self-Esteem


By Connie Limon

People with low self-esteem often do not live their life to the fullest. They feel so down on themselves they distance themselves from others. People need to be close to others for love and support.

People suffering from low self-esteem have a difficult time making full use of their abilities. They spend a lot of time feeling low and down about the injustices of their lives. Such people are a loss to their families and society. Some of them even take to crime, alcohol and drugs. They are uncomfortable with success and tend to believe they don�t deserve success. They may blame themselves if things go wrong, and often take a sadistic pleasure in telling everyone else that they knew things would go wrong. This is an important symptom of low self-esteem, and one that needs to be treated at the earliest.

Another symptom of low self-esteem is putting oneself down. A person with low self esteem repeatedly tell themselves that they are not good enough and they are destined to fail at anything they attempt doing. Eventually this type of negative self-talk turns into a negative self-belief. More than this are they try and implant seeds of negativity in people around them. They also seek out others who suffer from similar problems, sort of like, �misery loves company.� The end result of these types of relationships is that they feed on each other�s negativity, and become much poorer individuals than they initially were.

Another indicator of low self-esteem can be a high level of dissatisfaction. These people do not see anything positive in themselves or in anyone else. They spend a good deal of their time �complaining.� They just can�t find anything good about themselves or anyone else. By contrast, people who value their abilities and have more positive feelings about themselves and others enjoy high self-esteem.

Do you spend most of your time brooding about the past and worrying about the future? If so, this is an indication that you are suffering from low self-esteem. Not spending enough time in the present will cause you to not enjoy the present even though at the present time you may experience all kinds of success and events that should be pleasant for you. The end result will be that you prevent yourself from enjoying life and experiencing happiness.

People with low self-esteem can receive help and become happy, well adjusted individuals contributing to society. The symptoms should be diagnosed by a professional or trained psychologist.

Anyone desiring to overcome the symptoms of low self-esteem can even obtain help, sometimes from family members, friends, teachers, or many of the self help and self improvement programs offered on the internet and through our website at Self Improvement Book.

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