Becoming Light: The Sacred Practice of Alignment


By Julie Redstone

All of life is a mystery of unfolding spiritual truth to which one gains access through diligent pursuit and also through creating an open and available receptacle with which to receive revelation when it comes. This relates to truth that comes in the form of understanding and verbal knowledge, and also to truth that comes in the form of an authentic experience of the Divine.

In the language of light, and with the understanding that life is filled with the mystery of seen and unseen worlds, 'alignment' is a practice which progressively allows for such an authentic experience. More truly, alignment should be considered a process rather than a practice, for it is an evolving gesture made by the embodied self which permits us to participate in the greater life of the spiritual universe. As the physical self reaches toward the higher dimensions of light, it becomes possible to bring light through from these dimensions into physical reality and also to blend further and with greater intimacy with the realms of Divine knowledge. As we do this, our experience of God's being grows, and we are more able to experience ourselves in the larger context of the soul.

The process of alignment creates a bridge between the purely spiritual part of our being and the physical so that a new and sacred reality can manifest within the sphere of everyday life. What is transmitted in the way of light along this bridge depends upon how clear we are in our energy, how much we have become able to free ourselves of both inner and outer darkness, and how open and desiring we are to become an instrument of divine Will and Intention. This latter is important, for the practice of alignment is not a tool that can be used mechanically without a spiritual center. Indeed, its spiritual center is the heart, and the heart must desire to exist in profound and intimate relationship with the Divine for the practice to have depth and meaning.

A central part of alignment has to do with the breath. It is based on the understanding that breath is more than the taking in of physical air in order to bring oxygen to one's blood and lungs. Breath is that, but it is also the carrier of light, and in that sense it is a sacred messenger between dimensions which can infuse both body and consciousness, restoring and rejuvenating heart and mind when this is needed and maintaining one in a physical-spiritual equilibrium at all times. This kind of equilibrium is something we know little of today. However, as the body becomes increasingly capable of holding light, it will be understood that the spiritual-physical equilibrium that is maintained by the continual process of alignment is how we are meant to live. It creates within us the possibility for experiencing ourselves as sacred beings and for bringing to humanity and to each other this same truth.

From a sacred perspective, the practice of alignment is less a technique than a way of being - less a tool, than a form of prayer. In essence it asks God and the higher realms to bring us into accordance with higher Will so that we can serve the purposes of our soul and of Divine intentionality -- the purpose for which we came to the earth. Each breath that we take can be an expression of this prayer -- "God, make me an instrument of Thy will." Each breath can also be in service to the Earth so that we become able, as children of God, to bring to others and to the planet itself, that which will help it heal and that which will bring it more fully into the higher vibrations of love and light.

The practice is simple, involving sitting in meditative silence with a focus on the breath. During this time, consciousness is attuned to the Source of light transmitted in and through each inhale of breath, permeating and infusing each organ and cell of the body. With each exhale, all that is not resonant with the incoming light, all that remains of fear, mistrust, doubt, or separateness is released.

Where negative or discordant energies in the past may have entered the physical structure of our body causing symptoms and areas of discomfort of various kinds, alignment with light and with Divine intention also opens us further to healing on the physical plane. It erases any negative or fearful energy that we may carry before it has a chance to become embedded in our physical or emotional being, preserving health and preventing symptoms from occurring. Today, this whole process is being made much easier by the greater presence of light on earth, and any person who seeks a way of expanding their awareness will find it easier to do so than it would have been at any time in the past.

Though darkness upon the earth is affecting the lives of a great many today with a great cost in sorrow and in human suffering, in the midst of this a bright new reality is being born. This new and sacred reality is asking us whether we are ready to step out of all previous identities we have held onto and that others have held onto for us so that in the presence of greater light we can discover something that is more real than we have ever known. This something is our essential self -- our pure spiritual nature that has always remained at the core of our identity, now waiting to be reclaimed and reawakened as the true awareness of self that we have always been.

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